/Masjid Sunnah Renovation Project

Masjid Sunnah Renovation Project

As-salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullaah wa barakatu,


SECTION 1: General Documentation

Here is the Masjid Sunnah Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Introduction Letter

Masjid Sunnah Introduction

Here are our Non-Profit incorporation documents:

Masjid Sunnah Articles of Incorporation Ecclesiastical Corporation and IRS EIN

Masjid Sunnah Constitution

Here is the Building Title and supporting documents

Masjid Sunnah Grand Rapids MI 2312 S Division Title Deed

Title Commitment

Supporting Docs on Commitment

Official Announcement, Photos, and Video Tour

Look inside the Masjid

Video Tour

Here are the code violations from our local City Government:

2312 S Division City of GR Notice of Violation-Housing-Reissue

Notice of Monitoring Vacant Building

Masjid Sunnah City of Grand Rapids Blight Monitoring Fee Jan 2015

Monitoring Fee Invoice

Land Survey

2312 S Division building survey

Environmental Survey

Sierra Consultants Phase I ESA, 2312 South Division, Grand Rapids, MI, 12-14

Lead Paint and Water Survey

Executive Summary Report, Lead Paint-water testing, 2312 South Division, Grand Rapids, Salahuddin Ali, 1-2015 (1)

Parcel Summary



SECTION 2: Special Land Use Permit Documentation

Here are documents related to our Special Land Use Request

Here is the link to our application  (Pages 51-61) as part of the City Public Hearing Agenda

Special Land Use Application SLU-AP-9-14-15

Exterior Photos exterimages

Letters of Support

Division Corridor letter supporting SLU at 2312 S Division_2015_10_19

NBA letter supporting SLU at 2312 S Division_2015_10_19

Here is our special land use approval and public hearing minutes

Special Land Use Approval Letter

Public Hearing Minutes


SECTION 3: Architectural Designs

Here is the architect we hired: Jim Winter-Troutwine Associates

WTA Brochure

Here is his Assessment 2313 Exist’g Condition

Here are his Renovation designs

Design 1st Draft Mosque

Design Final Draft Mishjid (1)

Construction Designs layout (1)

Photo Version of Designs:

Mishjid_Page_1 Mishjid_Page_2 Mishjid_Page_3 Mishjid_Page_4 Mishjid_Page_5 Mishjid_Page_6


SECTION 4: Estimate A

Here is the Initial estimate and Code Study from the 1st contractor we hired:

$555k Estimate Est_2900_from_ProCare_Restoration_Services_7380


ProCare Signed Code Study Estimate

Progressive AE Code Study

Architectural sketch

Asbestos Abatement Estimate

2312 S Division Asbestos Abatement


Brick and Masonry Estimate




SECTION 5: Estimate B

$468k is the second Construction Estimates Broken down into 4 Phases:

By General Contractor K. Van Dyke and Associates

Kenneth VanDyke Estimates

Phase 1

pricing Phase I

Phase One Pricing

Phase One Notes

Phase 2

pricing Phase II

Phase Two Pricing

Phase Two Notes

Phase 3

pricing Phase III

Phase Three Pricing

Phase Three Notes

Phase 4

pricing Phase IV

Phase Four Pricing

Phase Four Notes

Roofing Estimates

NaturaShield Roof Proposals

Roof Material Sample 1 60 mil TPO Sample

Roof Material Sample 2 Polyuria Sample


SECTION 6: Estimate C

$595k last Construction Estimates Broken down into 3 Phases:

By General Contractor Top Notch Improvements

Owner Abdul-Wasee McLiechey

Summary Estimate

Invoice 100 – Masjid Sunnah Renovation Summary

Phase 1

Invoice 101 – Masjid Sunnah Renovation Phase 1

Phase 2

Invoice 102 – Masjid Sunnah Renovation Phase 2

Phase 3

Invoice 103 – Masjid Sunnah Renovation Phase 3


Existing Roof  Photos

20160616_175510.jpg 20160616_175518.jpg 20160616_175524.jpg 20160616_175532.jpg 20160616_175536.jpg 20160616_175538.jpg 20160616_175604.jpg 20160616_180715_001.jpg

Front Facade







SECTION 7: HVAC Estimate A

Main Level Estimates – Option 1 & 2:

Main Level Options

Apartment Estimates – Option 1 & 2:

Apartment Options 1 & 2

Apartment Estimates – Option 3:

Apt Option 3

Mini-Split details

Mini-Split Brochure

Heat Pump

Wall Mounted

Wall furnances

Wall furnance