Phase 1: Roof & Masonry Renovations Completed!

Al-Hamdulillaah, we've completed Phase 1 of our Renovation Project by replacing the Roof and Repairing the Bricks and Chimneys.  Barak Allahu feekum to all those who supported the effort and helped us raise the $53,351 to complete…

URGENT APPEAL: Help us Raise $100,000

[1] URGENT APPEAL: @MasjidSunnahGR needs your help to Raise $100,000 to Repair our building exterior, mechanical systems, 1st floor interior— MasjidSunnahGR (@MasjidSunnahGR) January 9, 2017 //

Purify Your Wealth & Spend for the Sake…

Purify Your Wealth & Spend 4 the Sake of Allah #Donate2MasjidSunnahGR @MasjidSunnahGR #PayPal — MasjidSunnahGR (@MasjidSunnahGR) October 27, 2016 //

Give for Allah, He will accept with His…

Give for Allah, He will accept with His Right Hand, no matter how small, Allah will bless it— MasjidSunnahGR (@MasjidSunnahGR) June 15, 2016 //

Masjid as-Sunnah Basement Clean Up

Insha'Allaah tomorrow @MasjidSunnahGR Clean Up #Donate2MasjidSunnahGR 2 Pay 4 hauling waste— MasjidSunnahGR (@MasjidSunnahGR) March 19, 2016 //